Talbot Partners Media, based in Australia has created a unique media product: “Golf Ads,” quality outdoor board advertising for golf courses. The company has developed strategic relationships with organizations many of the largest GPS providers in the U.S. that delivers additional media revenue and golf course development opportunities, and a network of digital media companies nationwide to produce digital content graphics with low cost and rapid delivery. Talbot Partners Media, Inc. is well established in Australia and successfully developed a pilot program in the U.S. in June of 2003. In January of 2005 the company sold the trademark, contracts and rights to its future U.S. operations to GolfAds USA . Included in the transaction was a large sign frame inventory at the Brands In Motion warehouse in Long Beach, California. Brands In Motion, is a leading mobile billboard and media placement agency for clients in the Beverage, Jewelry, Golf, Medical and Financial Services industries. Golf Ads USA, is seeking to expand its North American program through private investment and an innovative Dealer Licensing program. Our Dealership Program is developed to empower and train the 20,000+ golf courses in the US and Canada to sell advertising to local businesses and generate revenues for their courses in partnership with GolfAdsUSA.com.

Business Attributes

This outstanding business has the following attributes:

  • Huge, untapped potential market

  • All promotional and operational infrastructures are in place.

  • A core of existing contracts are in place

  • Proven business model

  • Media designed to efficiently reach a highly desirable market niche

  • Easily replicated nationwide

  • Great natural profit margin; efficient business, neither labor nor capital intensive

  • Ideal as an “add-on” to an existing media company’s product line

  • Course contracts allow additional advertising opportunities indoors and other areas of the facility.

Golf Ad Outdoor Boards

Golf Ads is a unique outdoor media product that delivers brand advertising in a cost effective, environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing way. The double-sided sign is a standard 36” x 48”, 1 sheet format face per side. The sign is constructed of solid Australian hardwood with a Lanotec finish. Each face carries a weatherproof board with a quality printed 4-color advertisement.

The signs are specifically designed to deliver maximum impact to golfers. When fully populated, each 18-hole golf course has 20 strategically placed double-sided signs (I.e. 40 salable faces per course):

  • 1 at each tee

  • 1 near the clubhouse

  • 1 near the practice putting green

Currently the company’s pilot program has contracts with golf courses in Nevada, Southern California and Texas. Signs are installed in increments of five signs per course. When the advertising space has been sold, another five signs are installed. We are also adding L.E.D. and LCD Digital Displays for indoor, outdoor and portable needs for tournaments.

Indoor Ads

In 2009 Golf Ads implemented a plant to place an assortment of printed and electronic indoor signs as designated areas of the facility. Restaurants, pro-Shops, entrances, restrooms and other indoor areas a excellent places for advertising opportunities that marketing companies can use to reach consumers. These indoor areas can provide substantial revenues to GolfAdsUSA.com and strengthen our position with both courses and advertisers.

Industry Background

The media industry in the U.S. and overseas has continued to become more competitive, with an ever increasing number of media opportunities being presented to the market. This saturation has created a situation that makes it more difficult for advertisers to select an appropriate media opportunity without being surrounded by competitive communications.

The Market

To highlight the development potential of the Golf Ads product it is important to understand some facts. There are mixes of over 20,000 golf clubs/courses across the U.S. with over 40 million people who enjoy the game and 26 million of those people playing the game on a regular basis.

An average public golf course offers an audience of approximately 1,000 people per week and some have close to 700 per day. The demographic and psychographic profiles of those participating in the sport make up some of the most active spenders in our economy. Research is abundant on the spending habits of golfers and provides critical data that speaks to the needs of small businesses and large brand marketers.

Golf Ads supplies a unique opportunity to communicate to this much sought after market without clutter or competitive communications. Our product is positioned to deliver a captive audience that advertisers want to build relationships with.

The U.S. market based on 1000 courses (of the 22,000 available) @ 50% space occupancy is worth in excess of $10,000,000 per month or $120,000,000 per year in advertising revenues.

Golf course owners love our product because Golf Ads produce a much needed revenue stream to keep them in the black. The sign frames require little maintenance and look great preserving the natural look of the course. The addition of high quality and interactive digital displays has added tremendously to the reach of Golf Ads and our advertisers messages.

National and Local advertisers love is because Golf Ads provide a captures audience in a high quality way without the clutter.

Strategic Relationships

The Company has established the following important strategic relationships:

  • Hardwood timber and sign production in Australia with a closely related affiliate of the company.

  • Exclusive rights to place our structures in and on over 3000 courses in the U.S.A.

  • In-house printing capabilities from www.Maxipix.com a wholly owned division of Brands In Motion, Inc.

  • Contract with nationwide and international digital printing suppliers to produce all the high quality, weatherproof, fade-proof boards locally, economically and quickly.

  • Partnership with several of the world’s largest provider of GPS advertising systems and its affiliation with Club Car. Our integrated advertising partnerships provides an opportunity for Golf Ads to reinforce the impact of the outdoor boards for its advertisers, and provide an additional income stream to the company.

  • Worldwide media placement organizations that can cross sell and promote Golf Ads as part of their inventory.

Target Audience

Golfers fall into one of the most attractive demographic profiles compared with any other recreational pursuit. It is one of our most popular growing sports with over 38 million players.

  • Golfers own or lease on average 2.5 vehicles per household

  • 60% of golfers purchased a new vehicle in the previous year

  • 33.6% of golfers earn $75-%125,000/year

  • 26.4% of golfers earn $50-$74,000/year

    Source: National Sporting Good Association. Based on a 5-year avg.

  • 81.2% of golfers play the majority of their rounds in public courses

  • 48.7% of golfers are managers, professionals, administrators

  • 46.9% of golfers are college graduates

  • 45.2% of golfers are 30-49 years of age

  • 22% of golfers are women (average age 42 years):

    Source: National Sporting Good Association. Based on a 5-year avg.

Company Background

Talbot Partners Media began in Australia in March of 2000. Jay Talbot, a native Aussie, founded the company on the belief that there were still advertising frontiers waiting to be discovered. Having been in the media industry for over 18 years, his vision and determination have afforded him to grow his company globally. Brands In Motion, Inc. purchased the brand name, US inventory and exclusive rights to market and build upon the foundation established by Talbot Patners Media.

Ad Structure

Each panel (“face”) is valued at $500 to $1000 per month (“run of the course buy”) plus the cost of production. If an advertiser needs design services, the Company provides such services for a nominal fee.


Brands In Motion, Inc. is looking for investment and strategic partners to Grow this venture in the United States. At this time in the market we are 2 to 3 years ahead of any possible competition. Now is the time for growth, integration, product-extension and category domination.


Golf Ads USA, now owns a large inventory of special Australian hardwood and has a special relationship with a sign production facility. Due to this inventory and investment the company is able to deliver signs, packed, twenty to a pallet, to golf courses within days instead of months. We have enough frames in our US warehouses to install 1000 courses.


Typically a palette of 20 signs is delivered to the participating golf course. Independent contractors are hired to install signs, in sets of five. The cost of installation is minimal and under our new contractual agreements with our course partners the installation will be supervised and managed by the course maintenance staff at no cost.

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